28 August 2014

Autumn arrived

ZARA, woolen coat, 159€
Belgium welcomed Autumn already in August. But the fall-winter collections awaited us since July.
dress: GERARD DAREL, polyester, 220€
pumps: UNISA, brown suede, 99€
bag: Silvio TOSSI, brown suede, 469€
For the coming season I propose either the warmest shades of brown (camel, warm chocolate) or the colder version (taupe, shade, grey-browns). Depending on your preferences those two shall take the lead in the coming few months.

19 August 2014

Simple... but not simplistic.

Well, I come back again to SIMPLE. I just... cannot not to. This season SIMPLE offers a whole range of fantastic items that may become for some of us a good source of inspiration or even a must for the coming months.
The ordinary grey gets a divine dimention. Especially that the clothing is made of a very  high quality fabrics (a mix of viscose, polyamide or plein wool). Very much recommended!
I myself apply this 'sober' colouring by, for instance, such an outfit:
a cape top by Phase Eight (in platinum grey), accompanied by a plain white (cotton) skirt and those fantastic SIMPLE sandals below (collection Summer 2013).

For those that still prefer other colours or a bit vivid shades I propose the pink palette:   


25 June 2014

SIMPLE mind cd.

I remain astonished when looking at the SIMPLE CP collections.
Any time I go back to Poland I have to visit one of its boutiques. I SIMPLy have to :-)

The flagship items you in find in the DRESS PARTY title. Of course, why not, plus I'm a very dedicated PARTY madame.
So, what can we find for this season in the above mentioned collection?

Here's the silk skirt with a box-pleat and two decorative zips in the front. On the website the colour is described as a navy blue but I'd say it is a cobalt blue. The most flashy colour this year.
In the same tone there's another skirt to recommend.
A mid-length lace skirt with a zip in the back.
You can combine it with a plain silk of light jersey shirt. Il looks good as well with the leather jacket. I myself wear it with a simple cardigan.

What else can we find in this collection? Apart from the DRESS PARTY, SIMPLE offers also an OFFICE collection.
OFFICE, as the title indicates, is dedicated to be worn to the office, as a workwear :-). It doesn't have to be boring though. Let's look at this magnifique dress in a very vivid red.

This fitted dress has side pockets and a decorative belt. Very good thing to cover the after-lunch swollen belly. Made of cotton and polyamide blend it is a perfect item for the summer. These fibers have a very good impact on our skin. Nothing better than this.

The other option could be the typical office outfit, composed of a cotton skirt with yips on the sides in the nude colour and a simple white shirt. This stylisation is accompanied by a nude colour patent leather pumps and a xl-size black pochette.
All this is available in the e-shop of SIMPLE CP.

Welcome and happy shopping!

12 May 2014

Blue... or not to blue ;-)

Since some time already I remain faithful to the blue colour. Blue this year though is bright, vivid, resembles the Mediterranean or the azure waters of the coast of Mozambique ... hmmm ...
So we can choose between different shades of blue, ranging from very pale, almost transparent Alice blue, light blue, through the sky blue, up to the somber Prussian blue to or ultramarine.
Since I am a Spring as to my colour type I shall rather go for all what is lighter than a typical blue, blue. For instance Alice blue that is in fact a pale tint of azure.

As an example this French Connection REIGN BLOCK fitted dress (on the left). If this looks a bit too cold as a tint so in balance one can choose a warmer shade, for instance Celeste blue, more known as cyan or turquoise (on the right).

For brunettes I would propose the steel tints, such as glaucous (from the Latin glaucus, meaning "bluish-grey or green" or the UCLA blue, dark azure color used in association with the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). A rather deep sky blue that is accompanied by a sun gold. Personally I do not see any connotation with gold but the definitions is clear on that so I don't argue :-)

Fans of more vivid and juicy shades I do not have convince to the cobalt blue or blue royal. This season I decided to experiment a bit on this and purchased the RAQUELA dress in a deep cobalt, which I wore accompanied with a white cotton jacket.

21 March 2014

The spring has come

Finally the most welcomed season crossed the border with Europe and came to settle down for a while, hopefully. The shops were for a while already busy with the spring & summer collections. I must say that seeing all those bright colours make me feel very well :-). I do not wear myself anything too flashy, tough I like to see the colorful vitrines and shelves packed with vivid blue, bright red, fuchsia and yellow cardigans, t-shirts, even chino trousers...

Even the famous Longchamps pliage shopper got the proper colour.

Cedric Charlier proposes the bright green skirt with a wrap decoration at the waistline. Interesting model.

My favourite satchel bags brand - the Cambridge Satchel Company proposes this lovely pink-lila satchel bag. It's been so popular that nearly all models in this colour are sold out!

The best is yet to come. 
Look at this light pink trench, by HUGO BOSS. Cascadia trench coat, make of cotton blend and polyester, is a 'must' for the coming season. HB calls this model as a figure-hugging. Believe me, with this item you will always look decent. No other accompanying expensive accessories are needed here. This investment (about 450€) will certainly bring lots of satisfaction, while wearing it during rainy, and hopefully not only, spring and summer days this year. Perhaps maybe even longer... This model is available also in beige and navy. 

It's versatility, perfect finishing and fashionable colour can make this garment one of your most beloved clothing in your wardrobe.

More HUGO BOSS here: http://store-uk.hugoboss.com/

06 January 2014

Ultimate seduction by HOSS INTROPIA

Yes, yes, yes, I heard it before. Even tried to try but... in vain. HOSS INTROPIA does not have its stores in this country. Pity, very pity indeed.
Some years ago, by coincidence, I saw some items of this brand and its fabulous collection on internet and got immediately astonished. Dazzled. Hypnotised.
Statement necklace
This brand was set up in the nineties and since then made a huge success in the world. Its philosophy rests on the concept of "intropia", a term which comes from the fusion of introspection and utopia and that means striving for a dream, a vital desire.

Knitted dress
Guipure lace dress
What I like the most is its modern and gutty style. For instance, this knitted dress (right) has a small slip at top. Together with the raglan sleeves and ribbed cuffs it can be easily worn by young ladies. And not necessarily taken as a boring office garment. This dress is made in cotton ans silk, a fantastic combination that is not only healthy for our skin but also easy to 'handle', read: wash and iron.
For the more formal occasions I'd propose this lace dress (left), accompanied by the same coloured sandals. This model is inspired by the 50's: a fitted top and flared skirt. The inner lining is in petrol, which gives a nice multi-layer, structural result.

As to the accessories, I adore the small bright clutch bags, like these ones for instance, in bright magenta or ink:

For the spring 2014 my absolute winner is this bold light outfit below:

Top - wide, round necked sweater (modal, wool & cashmere);
Pants - cotton, skinny pants, with an animal print;
Shoes - suede ankle boots, with golden contrast zip decoration;
Belt - cow leather belt, with golden metallic closing.

The best is yet to come...

A carefully selected items for the extraordinary look and fulfilling the most challenging clients - women :-), like embroidered organza coat, an original dress with unique HOSS INTROPIA print or red suede quilted jacket. It all awaits you in the e-shop! Enjoy your shopping with this fabulous brand!