19 July 2015

Nail shape Anno Domini 2015

Hmm, I'm a bit perplexed as this year is seems that... all is permitted and all is on-trend.
I mean all shapes, all colours, all decorations, all finishing.

I have my preferences though and to defend my opinion I checked some decent websites on what is really going on. To my pleasure, my preference is not so passé as thought. The suqovals are still on the spot. Not to say that other forms are excluded, not at all. Here's a short recall:

So, be it, I admit I like squoval, a bit square and a bit oval. Perhaps because my nails are fragile and need to be treated pretty regularly (this is to say every 3-4 days), I have to lime my nails regularly and put the nourishing product every time I do the manicure. I like this shape and find it the most practical and the most beautiful. Nevertheless, let's have a look around to get the full picture on what is really trendy this Summer.

So, here're some examples of nails that are absolutely this season's hottest manicure looks that you'll want to try out ASAP.

On the left, the New York Fashion Week 2015, glittering gold half-moons on top of nude polish beautifully complemented the jewellery at Cushnie et Ochs.
On the right, Carolina Herrera 2015 manicure with classic beauty look that includes the romantic red nails created by Michelle Saunders using Essie A List

Here on the left , we have the geometric blue and gray manicure at Angel Sanchez was created by Gina Edwards for Morgan Taylor and was meant to juxtapose the soft feminine pieces in the collection. 

On the right, the bold red nails that matched the models' bright lips at Zac Posen. Here we have the pure form of squovals is a mini version, I'd say the 'vintage' type.

Here we have the Butter London's Katie Jane Hughes created a half-brushed nude and gray nail. The squovals naturally.

On the right, the Lela Rose, Katie Jane Hughes created a nude nail using a Butter London nude base and completed the look with a diamond embellishment.

Here we have the nude nails with a vertical silver stripe of OPI's My Signature Is DC.

Here on the right again, the Karen Walker Spring 2015 models walked the runway in green nails painted by Jin Soon Choi and inspired by Karen Walker's garden-themed runway.

Here on the right, the models of Tracy Reese sported marbled nails in natural colours like tan and taupe. The form is evident I suppose...

And, to finish up the post, I post the amazing Zimmermann Spring 2015 a metallic, graphic negative-space look, created by using Zoya Ziv enamel.
I have not seen much of another shapes than squovals here. Perhaps I'm biased of limited in my research.

Should you wish to share other views on nail shapes that ar on trend this summer, please let me know. I'll gladly post it here and on my profile on Facebook


16 July 2015

Floral jeans

Floral prints come (back) every now and then to fashion. It is perhaps true that not everybody can wear it, nevertheless I will write a few words on it in case my readers decide to get one of two pairs of this splendid stuff.

The 2015 summer is the season of floral jeans. Well, in fact, it is the season of many things and nearly all is now allowed. The success lies in matching our style with what our body can stand to give us a decent look. And this is not so evident it seems.

The most popular model is the skinny one (or super-skinny, with really skinny legs) and 5-pocket style, front zip and belt loops. These models need to be more stretchy, that is why jeans is supported by a 2 or 3% elastane, Lycra or spandex.
This model is available in normal or slightly cropped legs, called ankle skinny.

Another option is the slim fit, a bit looser model. In this case denim is again supported by stretchy fabrics. Otherwise the rigid cotton would be not wearable at all (too rigid and not supportive when bending down, trying to get to the back seat in the car, grabbing things from the floor, etc.)
Slims may offer high (high rise), mid or low-waist option, depending of the preferences of the client.

7 For All Mankind
I noticed the come back of the high waisted models.  Like for instance these black Victoria jeans on the right bottom. A bit vintage style that is very good for more ample figures.
Buy Phase Eight Victoria Floral Jeans, Black/Grey, 8 Online at johnlewis.com
Phase Eight
Moreover, jeans these days offer also more sublime finishing, for instance satin or coated.
I can only recommend it; myself bought recently a pair of 7 for All Mankind :-) with silk-like feel finishing being sophistically called by the FAM as the bright silver shiny hardware.
... Pleasure is on my side! 

19 May 2015

MARKS & SPENCER in Brussels

Finally, after more than a decade, Marks & Spencer came back to Belgium.
The official opening took place on the 7th May.

The shop is located in the recently refurbished building at Toison d'Or, a fancy shopping & clubbing area. The brand shares its perfect premisses with ZARA and shortly with Apple store.

The opening brought lots of attention from the loyal customers who for quite a long time had to go abroad or buy online. On the firs day there were long queues at the entrance and people were let in in shifts.

Women's collection is placed on the ground floor. As usual, the flagship brand, AUTOGRAPH, is present in Brussels.

The store has nice layout and spacious changing rooms. The registers are placed in the middle.

On the first floor there are kids and men

Food & wine and home departments are underground. The store is connected with the underground parking which I find very practical and customer friendly.

See you there!

Address: Avenue Toison d'Or 26-28, 1050 Brussels (Ixelles)

07 May 2015

Famous Polish fashion brands cd.

A Polish family brand which is present on the market since 25 years. This brand offers clothing for modern women who appreciate elegance, quality and style. Collections are created in the spirit of the modern classics. Exclusive fabrics, refined colours and high level of tailoring are the most important attributes of the brand.The new Creative Director is Patrycja Cierocka, who is responsible for the overall image of the brand.


ARYTON has been honoured on several occasions with a number of awards. It can pride itself with the record of 6 titles of Fashion Excellence and numerous other distinctions.

For women with non-standard measurements ARYTON has introduced, a unique so far in Poland, the programme “Made-to-measure”, in which selected items from the collection are available in all sizes and tailored to the individual requirements of the client.

The SS2015 collection proposes a few lines that I would like to present now.

The smart city look featuring navy blue maxi skirt, matched with striped jersey top. Long, pleated skirts are in fashion nearly every summer. These double layered pieces are made of light fabrics (viscose, polyester, polyamide) and are semi-opaque. Easy-to-wear, practical and yet fashionable and modern, are a must in your wardrobe.

For those who prefer shift models ARYTON proposes classic skirts, for instance in large stripes (navy blue and white) or slightly flared knee-length in sky blue.

In the soft pastel trend what caught my attention is the light blue coat. With a slightly loose cut, it has lowered and rounded shoulder line and ¾ length sleeves. The coat has a small, round neckline with hook fastening which is very practical during windy spring days. On the sides there are inside pockets.
For the evening ARYTON does not have an extended offer. There are however a few items that can well serve for an evening outfit. 
For instance this silver jacket or black jacquard trousers. I like a lot the silver sandals with pointed toe-line. The tips are finished by small glittering silver cristals and the whole shoe is made of the transparent synthetic fabric thanks to which the foot is very nicely exposed.

What surprised me very much by ARYTON is the accessories line. I adore little clutches in sweet pastels or glamour silver, I also like the city bags and shoppers. All looks to have a decent quality and very nice details, like for instance this light blue clutch with the bucket 
in the shape of pelican :-)

Should you wish to discover more,
I recommend you to visit the official website www.aryton.pl.

08 April 2015

Updated: SIMPLE

SIMPLESIMPLE (clipped to polyvore.com)

And here, the whole oufit, with the skirt. I matched the skirt with the ecru jacket (ZARA) and light blue shirt (BENETTON).

Belt: Mango

01 April 2015

Famous Belgian brands cd.

Talking French, top

There are years when spring forgets Belgium... but not the Belgian fashion houses. Caroline BissMayerlineMarie MéroGIGUE... they have their collection available for sale already since the beginning of February.

Talking French, Lichi trousers

Rainy weather does not discourage faithful clients to get some pieces for the Spring season. There is nothing wrong with it. At the end, summer finally comes and then we can dress all those nice, light-fabric clothes in vivid, bright and wonderful colours. 

Xandres, dress
Caroline Biss, catsuit
As to the colours, did you notice that all summer collections have the tendency to propose light colour shades? Apart from the evening collections, all brands propose a few lines: sea (turquoise, blue), spring (pink, purple, light red and fuchsia), earth (beige, khaki, yellow). And on these shades I will have some more words further on.

Caroline Biss, necklace
Caroline Biss concentrated on blue-pink-beige-nude-turquoise tones. The accessories are available in pink, beige, silver and gold. My favourite item is the silver coloured necklace, 
here on the right.

By Xandres I noticed blue-pink and black for the evening. Here, you can have a look at the light blue shift dress by Xandres. This dress is so simple and yet very elegant that can be worn to many occasions, depending on accessories worn with. Xandres is best known for its perfect quality and flawless finishing.

Marie Méro, dress
Marie Méro goes for beige-turquoise-yellow tones. In general, for the Spring-Summer seasons this brand proposes light, 'powder', pastel shades. Many of Marie Méro items are to be worn at work or for after-work events, which makes this brand one of the most preferable in Brussels, the very 'bureau' area.

Enjoy the 2015 Spring and get the perfect outfit for this period of the year. It's worth it, to look and feel good.