13 February 2012

NY Fashion week 2012

What the hell! It's till today and I go there on Saturday. Ohh, wrrr... Such a pity!
Here's thMax Azria catwalkshow for autumn/winter 2012 and here more about the NY Fashion Week nightlife, lol... If you're interested in live runway go to http://www.youtube.com/user/LiveRunway. Enjoy! I do :)

I like the sober DKNY outfits, such as this one. Pretty wear'able I'd say. I know, I know, my dressing code is not very vibrant. I just like comfortable clothing. For a reasonable price too.
Most of my clothes are black. Is this because one looks thinner in black, he? Perhaps. I don't have any explanation. Just find black a perfect colour, that's it.
I like to feel dans ma peau with my clothes. 

So, in order to match the eternal wish to look decent and fashionable I have to balance somewhere in between: smart professional style: with bodycon or shift dresses, open-toe pumps and patent leather handbags...
2012 summer though seems to call the flashy colours back (see: my post from 24 January). I even convinced myself already last summer. Bought this bright fuschia, short sleeved coctail dress (Simple) with a nice ribbon-like drapery in front. Wore it for the first communion of my niece. Luckily the weather was generous enoguh to let me combine it toghether with a short grey cardigan (Tiffi) and silver satin clutch bag (own collection). Indeed a perfect outfit for such an occasion :) 
My latest discovery was the colorful collection by Fashionvictime. I knew the brand but didn't realise that its modulable collections may let us create own designs, according to our style and colour preference.  Recently found a multicolour Swarowski ball pendant. This is it: you can match it all the coulors in fashion: red, pink, yellow, purple, green and light blue. 

Mhmm, yellow and green don't really turn me on but I'd risk this coming season and try aquamarine and light purple :-)

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