31 May 2012

Jewellery for this summer

Since some time already I like jewellery. Nothing really serious, no tones of gold around my neck or sapphires and diamonds on all fingers and not only... No, not this.
I'm talking on the 'day-jewellery', fantasy gemstones, home-made earrings and bracelets, jewellery with Swarovski crystals, made of silver, metal, titanium or even... plastic :-)
Sophia Loren
Monica Bellucci
I noticed that in Italy women must wear at least... 1kg more necklaces and brooches than any place else. And you know, it suits them. I do not even try to explain it or look for some reasoning behind. Anyway, Italians are well known for its love for style. Someone once told me that in Italy the most important accessories of all are lipstick, necklace and heeled sandals. I kept my doubts until I once went on holidays to Umbria region. Must say that could not not to admire all the ladies seen on the streets.
Nonetheless, jewellery does not have to be expensive to look expensive. I tried to search a bit on the net what actually is available for a regular woman, without making a havoc on our bank accounts. My little research brought me to the following discoveries:

Swarovski - with its crystals known all over the world. Colourful, modern, sparkling, Hollywood-like spirit jewels.
This year a lila makes huge success. Have a look at those Nera Tanzanite earrings: 
Inspired by natural minerals, this unique pair of rhodium-plated pierced earrings offers a trendy, glamorous look. The dangling clear crystals are embellished in sparkling Tanzanite crystal Pointiage®.  
If one wears it it will certainly make impression. Price in Europe: € 115. 

Pandora - well known by its beads and bracelets. Any time I enter its boutique I get crazy. I am not able to choose and once I want to buy something it is not as nice as   it is shown in the catalogue. The problem is that it needs at least 6-8 pieces to start being 'visible' on your wrist. I created my account and designed my first bracelet. Final result on the left: silver bracelet, combined with 9 charms costs € 342. For the moment I still consider if to buy it. Design is well kept on the net so one can always come back and consult it.

Amor - not so expensive and yet interesting jewellery for young people, for instance this lovely Shamballa Multi Coloured Full Bracelet on the right. Price: £35.00

Twice as Nice - a Belgian jewellery brand, set up 32 years ago in Antwerp. Perhaps it is not so chic but for a casual outfit it fits perfectly for any lady between 12 and 99 :-)
Silver necklace with alternating small flat round flowers and rings,
price: € 57,95
Polished stainless steel ring with 17mm
 large cabochon in green glass cats eye, price: € 18,95
Elastic bracelet with 12mm faceted
 irridescent brown crystals and white rhinestones,
price: € 14,95

To be continued...

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