04 June 2012

Jewellery for this summer cd.

So, new-old discoveries:

PAPAGAYO - with its fresh and young collection, known from its anti-allergic (nikel free) goods. Not too heavy and certainly not expensive as produced in low-wage countries. In the picture on the right there are the bracelets I recently purchased in one of the shopping malls in Brussles. They really look nice and decent. 

Actually, today I wear two of them (grey colour) in combination with the bracelet of SNÖSwedish design. SNÖ is a small family-run company established 10 years ago in Swedish town of Östersund.

And of course... not to forget about Polish APART - with its fantastic collection of charms and beads...
APART offers a wide range of jewellery, watches and other accessories. In its offer one can buy something really expensive and distinctive, such as diamond bracelet for the only €12.000 or... 
popular bracelets/earrings with beads:

 or with charms:
So, we have lots of choice, don't we? Lets hope that this summer we enjoy the sun, nice weather, fat cocktails, fresh open-air parties and summer jewels worn at any occasion...

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