05 July 2012

Rainy weather is also a weather :-)

Well, for those who like sun, blue sky, outside activities, lying on the beach, taking advantage on late-night swimming in the sea or near lake or open swimming pool... shall certainly avoid to live in this part of the world. Sorry to say that but Belgium does not offer a lot in this respect. I am already used to it. Those who know me, hmmm, know it very well how I adore the sun: on tv :) 
On the right I put the forecast for this evening. Tomorrow it won't be any better. 
How to plan anything then? Lovely family lunches under the tents, barbecues, kids excursions to the botanic garden or zoo, kayaking, walking in the forest, doing tai-chi in the park, shopping with a break in EXKI for fare-trade coffee and a piece of delicious chocolate cake, how???
Shops are full of summer clothes. Sales period started last weekend. There is so much choice of tiny tops, lace dresses, thongs ans short jeans shorts. Why if Mr Sun is not here. He lost his way in the Eastern part of Europe it seems.
Rue Neuve, shopping street in Brussels
You see, this is (left) one of the main shopping streets of Brussels. Because of the catastrophic summer this year nobody wants to come here. Such a pity because this year, similarly to the previous one, colours are very much in fashion. Whatever is now on sale might be of a great fashionable value for little money :)
I did a small route in the shops recently and discovered a few masterpieces: 
XANDRES - a Belgian family-owned business that was founded in 1927 addresses its collection to the woman who appreciates classical and timeless beauty, a beauty that complements current style trends. 
Caroline Biss Belgian designer offers the modern, self-confident woman elegant and classy women's fashions
with glamorous style. 

Shanta silk scarf by XANDRES
Brandy shoe by Caroline Biss

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