14 September 2012

New colour discovered... teal (petrol if you like :-))

Talking French, LENA jersey dress
I'd call it dark turquoise (oh, this French attitude in this part of Europe :-)) but if the world operates with teal it's fine for me too :-) 
So, by coincidence and out of curiosity I decided to give it a try, especially that what's available on market has a lot to offer: good quality, nice models (for thick and for skinny, for young and for elderly, kids and men included).
TF, SUKIE t-shirt

I invested thus in a Talking French blouse (collection 2012/2013), with long sleeves and a very nicely decorated neck detail. Firstly I thought: oh no, it's not cotton, not even modal. How can I 'stand it' on me for the whole day? Knowing the the air-co doesn' t function as it should in the office... At the end of the day I was very pleased from this purchase :-). The fabrics is a skin-friendly mix of good quality viscose and elastane.

I machted it with a black carrot-form trousers and ochre colour leather jacket. Shoes? Just discovered, and this time really dicovered for the first time, the brand ZINDA:
"Made in Spain", quality and design of our shoes, with strength and character visible in all our collections. ZINDA means "life" of "being alive" according to Hindu tradition. We have collected that meaning for fresh, vital women, creating shoe collections for dynamic, elegant women that appreciate fashion with comfort.

ZINDA shoe, n° 8763
The 8cm heeled model between moccasins and derbys is made of soft patent leather. Extremely comfortable and stable. Could wear them for the whole day and didn't get tired feet. An absolute surprprise and certainly a recommendation!

My other teal-coloured outfit I presented on Shopstyle.

Have a petrolly week-end!

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