22 October 2012

Vienna... Swarovski and Wolford city ;-)

So, what can I say? This was one of the nicest city-trip that I have ever done in my life... Hmm, is this because Vienna has something particular to offer? Perhaps (no offence, my dear Austrian friends), I guess though that this was more up to the companionship of my good girl-friends. After having seen Schonbrunn and all those nice palace's in the center we landed on Kaerntnerstrasse with our eyes turning left & right, up & down toward the nicest shops possible. Vienna is certainly a place to be. Old and modern worlds are nicely melted and make a special climate.

Walking down to the opera I felt like in a safe, yet inspiring and appealing location. My eyes were pleasantly fed by the facades with ornaments made of real gold, floral decorations and ample art-déco patterns. I visited this city some years ago but did not keep any of those nice impressions. Probably too young and certainly interested in something else, I didn't appreciate the distinctive ambience Vienna offers to its inhabitants and tourists.

What, apart from Mozart, Schwarzenegger and Sissy makes Austria famous? Swarovski of course! Watch out when you enter the boutique! I thought I'd faint :-) Amazing was the choice, the variety, the footstools full of small crystals (for the only 6k € - we dared to ask, lol), all those small stones everywhere, earrings, pendants, bracelets, beads, charms, sunglasses, watches and other accessories... My Christmas-gift tip list is longer than ever before...
After Swarovski I went to see what Wolford has to offer. Again, I was about to blackout when saw the collection full of very feminine items at a... very reasonable price. At the end couldn't resist the Fatal (seamless) tights :-)
Afterall, I went to the Do&Co bar to taste a rose Taittinger. Decadent but so good :-) To recommend! 

And all this in companionship of seven excellent girls!

Thank you so much, my dears!

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  1. Very inspiring your trip to Vienna - to be repeated!
    I became a fan of your site, very funny way of writing; thanks.