14 December 2012

Christmas time

It's nearly Christmas. It makes me think of all those Christmases from my childhood and more recent times... Times flies, doesn't it? Not so long ago I was longing for some air, some breeze, some shadow while soaking wet from my own sweat I was trying to find some shelter during hot summer days. And now, surprisingly  I discover that it's about a high time to prepare a wish-list for Christmas, OMG!
Luckily, I keep my last year's wish-list somewhere on a hard drive so maybe a small up-date and I can send it quickly to the family members so they can start doing their yearly marathon for presents, lol... I myself decided to do it virtually (good ICT girl ;-)). My gift shall be delivered within 3 days from now on. I got already 3 e-mails on this and one phone call. This is efficiency, or maybe client-oriented policy? Who knows? Nevertheless,  many people face a huge problem with gifts. What to offer? Won't it be thrown away or put on eBay in a few weeks? Do we really have to buy anything? What if I don't find a nice thing?
About two years ago I launched a small query amongst my colleagues on what to offer to a man. I ended up with a pretty nice list, composed of many useful,  practical but also completely crazy items. A short recap is presented below, with my sincerest wishes to have a painless gift-race this year and a happy 24 December under the Christmas tree!

What presents for a man (or a boy):
- male lingerie,
- tablet or iPad, iPhone, etc.,
- fitness subscription,
- survival trip (to Maldives for instance),
- weapon (gun, sward, etc.),
- any alcohol:  Whiskey, wine, vodka, cognac, grappa, etc.,
- Thai massage :-)

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