07 January 2013

ICT society

Time has come... and I had to say goodbye to my old (2yrs!) gsm.
I couldn't belive that those things get outdated so fast! I was not able to download any apps any more, not mentioning the relatively small size of the screen and poor quality pictures. 
So, the new smartphone is there :-)

Trendy, stylish, practical and... simply fabulous - Samsung Galaxy S III mini, exactly essential for a contempo' girl.
I was amazed when I discovered the capacities of this tool. Can't tell you all the specificities, especially in the technical language (dual-core processor, AMOLED screen or Jelly Bean Android) but I feel like this phone is created especially for me :-)

Unfortunately, the memory card is a bit small but the 16Gb bought separately should be sufficient by all means.
It seems that the battery can go on for a few days (modest usage, so not by me as need to check some of my apps every day, lol) and the biggest pro's the coverage - apparently very solid and can survive the inevitable knocks, drops and clashes.

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