12 January 2013

My favourite... outlet.

Where do you do your shopping?
Already years ago I discovered some on-line shops, outlets and private sales events organised from time to time or available on the official websites of the stores and brands. At the beginning I had some reservation though. What if the size is not good? What if the colour is not like in the picture? What if the model does not go at all with my shapes??? All those questions crossed my mind. I did try and indeed, the first e-shopping brought some mistakes. The problem lies also in the sending back arrangements. You have to send it back by post and pay, in addition you don't have your item and the disappointment is there :-/

How about the outlets that operate like normal, physical shops? You go there and try the items on place, you see the colour, fabrics and the model. Prices are often very interesting. The con issue is that in most of those places is not really very clean plus there's a very little place to show the clothes. In consequence you have to dive between various brands and the sizes are not in order of descending. And of course the collections come from a year or even a few years back...

About 10 years ago I discovered CAMELEON, an absolute kick! This private sales outlet was set up in 1988 and since then grew to one of the most important outlets in Benelux. It offers all the most famous ready-to-wear fashion, including such brands as Tommy Hilfiger, Diesel, Calvin Klein, Dockers, Levi's, Geox, Converse and many more. 
I was there today and got this lovely long-sleeve shirt at the price of 7,45€, while on the official website of the brand it is available for 11,98€. Amazing, isn't it? Plus, some pairs of funny socks with cows, dogs and mice, lol...
For jogging I got a black The North Face fleece :-) for a pretty advantageous price.

My wish (and a humble advise perhaps) for you is to experience a happy outleting this year! Enjoy your shopping and discovering new ways of making your wardrobe like you always wanted to have :-)

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