13 February 2013

Valentine's Day... so what (wrong)?

Long time ago (don't laugh), when Valentine's became popular in my country people got obsessed by organising something special, extraordinary, something devoted to love that we tended to show that day in an extended way. Searching for special presents and being absolutely creative for the celebrations became a national sport. Last weeks of January the décor in many shops changed to read & pink. What a madness!

Tinku celebrations
There must be something in it though... We celebrate many strange things in the world throughout the whole year, e.g. 'Tinku' - Punch your Neighbour, Bolivia - no need for translation I guess, the 'Songkran' festival, Thailand - water fight where people throw water at each other, Ivrea Carnival, Italy where people throw oranges to each other (rival to the Spanish La Tomatina). Why not love then?
Songkran festival

Battle of oranges, Ivrea

I am going to do something 'special'
tomorrow, hoping that it would not fall under the stereotypic celebration. The food & wines are already in. Good, hé? Only cooking and good spirit are required for tomorrow evening. Can't wait, lol...

I wish you all a great St Valentine's day, no matter if you celebrate it or not. After all, each day is worth living, following my most favourite saying: Carpe diem!

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