17 March 2013

and again... H&M, but not only :-)

I often search for some inspirations as to the style, combinations of colours, forms, image.
To find the relevant sources I usually do my own research in the boutiques (recently mentioned Belgian Essentiel, Gigue or the absolute discovery of this month the German brand Comma,), shopping malls, City stores and... e-shops. This is done rather at a random basis, whenever I feel like and the spirit is there  I like to know more about the latest trends but also to see how people are dressed, what I could adapt in my wardrobe or how to nicely (re)use some items from previous collections.

So, I even dare to revitalise some pieces, lying forgotten for a bit of time at the back of my cellar. Yes, yes, the most significant example are me long-nosed Salamander stilettos, bought in 2003 and worn for the last time in... 2003. I rediscovered them last year when needed to match it with this elegant dress on the right. It is of TATUUM brand, colour: nearly black/anthracite, made of a nice mix of wool and other fabrics, this is one of my favourite items. It fits perfectly and is an excellent choice for a (in)formal cocktail, theatre,  diner and so on. I wear it also to work if important meeting (lol) or drinks after work.

But coming back to the subject, this coming season asks a lot as to the colours. I remain astonished how many colours are now on the spot. To this extent, even if I like to be fashionable, yet, I keep up with my own choices. With my pale-to-the-ground complexion I will never be able to wear yellow or orange or even light blue. And I hate green in clothes.
For the summer I go in white, like for instance with this cardigan on the right but in white of course. White goes very well with navy, my most favourite colour, after black.
In Wear, NEYLA, blue marine-ecru 
 I am 100% sure that in 2013 everybody may find his colours in fashion. Nearly all summer colours are present and it is up to us to decide. If difficult, there are stylists and 'fashion doctors' that can help us with the right choice. Sometimes we do not realise what would go well with our figure, complexion and... frame of mind.
I strongly encourage people to take at least once in the lifetime such a consultation. This can be very inspiring for the rest of our lives. Ans it seems that is also very much demanded! Yes, yes, I am talking about such phenomenons as Trinny & Susannah for instance. I myself bought one of their fashion advice books. Never had taken any advice consultation though, lol. Do I need it? :-)

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