16 April 2013

Colour block dresses

Block Dress
Karen Millen,
Colour Block Dress
I thought I discovered something new. How wrong I was, lol... Nevertheless, I try to convince you to this trend - a colour block dress. In addition, let's see what form shall the dress anno domini 2013 have.

What does "colour block" mean when describing a dress?

According to askville.amazon.com:
"it usually refers to various sections that are of a different colour it may be shoulder to shoulder, or different on each side. There are usually three different colours with the skirt portion one solid colour. Colour block may be used on numerous items."
By the very coincidence I saw last week the visionary exhibition of Yves Saint Laurent. Some pieces were shown for the first time. As the curator of this exhibition Florence Müller says: Saint Laurent was at the forefront of a genuine revolution and gave women an exceptionally strong, purposeful, feminine and above all, modern aura. He dressed liberated women who worked, travelled and claimed their place in the changing world.
"Mondrian" dress, by YSL
collection autumn 1965

The last part of this exhibition is called Art in Movement and devoted to the tribute to Piet Mondrian and inspired by pop art. The wearable dresses. The inspiration came from the... street. I am so astonished how modern the shapes, colours and lines remain. I could wear it now, even if the majority of items displayed backdates to 60' and 70'. The preview, a real fore-collection of all block coloured dresses made since then onwards!

Having said all that I decided to invest in a block colour dress. I chose a cream-light grey, model made of easy-care poly-blend fabric. This bodycon, sculpting dress, cut from luxe, super stretch fabrics, is designed to flatter and enhance the female form. My female form :-)

Vesper pencil dress, ASOS
I hope I will be enjoying this garment (matched with the light grey sandals of SIMPLE CP, on the left) throughout all 2013 summer and even
SIMPLE, sandals from 2013 collection

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