29 May 2013

Again colour block, sorry for repeating myself, lol...

And why? Because I remain under a huge impression the Mondrian dress by YSL made on me. Plus, you admit yourself, it is a very nice concept. 

Recently, looking for a cocktail dress for a family party I found this one (left) - Caroline Biss jersey dress from the summer 2013 collection. Maybe not purely 'block' but still close-to and a nice one, hè?

I adore the combination of navy, beige and white. For my own purpose I changed the belt to a navy blue small belt of Mayerline, with a silver buckle and combined the dress with the cotton white jacket. Accessories were in light beige. The total outlook was like on the right :-)
But, but, but... coming back to the subject. Not having enough to do with this dress (plus I already wore so everybody saw me in it) and by the very coincidental coincidence I found today a real colour block dress. 

Perfect to go to the office and an absolute forerunner. I couldn't resist. And here she is: a cotton white/black shift dress with the black inserts on the sides and around the neckline. This colour combo is perfect to cover a bit 
the ample sides and yet shaping the figure fabulously! 
Believe me!
I'll wear with the ZARA sandals :-)

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