07 May 2013

Summer 2013: the war of coulours

Yes! There will be a strong competition. Between the colours. This year still.
Well, seriously... thru all the possibilities given to us this year it will be pretty difficult to choose the right and the most flashy (fashionable) colour. I still hesitate but conceive obviously my own limitations. In yellow or light blue I'd probably look so sick and pale as if I had the norovirus and had to throw up for 3 days in a row. No way, thank you.

So, one one side I go for the light green, fresh lime, green banana :-) Already mentioned it last year, when got a cotton cardigan and a three-coloured skirt (photo on the left). This colour is again a potentially dangerous one. Blondes, gingers and freckled people with a light-pink complexion may not look nice in this colour.

On the other hand I'd try the very flashy pink :-) Feel really tempted. Fuchsia, vivid pink, reddish pink, crimson, cerise, raspberry - all those pinks are welcome this year.

Two years ago I took a risk and bought one of the party dresses of SIMPLE CP - a plain fuchsia cocktail dress, made of cotton, having a tulip form, with short sleeves.
Halston Heritage dress

For a dinner, drink, birthday party, going out to the restaurant it goes perfectly. Unfortunately, I am not able to wear it to work or for official meetings. It is simply too flashy, too vivid, can make people irritated, excited and eventually aggressive. Pity though, I like the dress and I like the colour. It's just that pink is simply not universal. In order to compensate the lack of colours in my wardrobe I got this pink watch of Superdry. I found it excellent, modern and so eye-catching. Uhm, will I ever be able to wear what I want?

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