29 June 2013

Royal blue

This colour intrigues me since quite some time. But I remained puzzled. It is a very nice colour but it does not go with my complexion at all, awww... Though, when watching the crowning celebrations of the Royal Dutch family on the 30th April I simply lost my breath when saw Máxima in this (below) absolutely fabulous royal blue gown.

The outfit was designed by a young Dutch designer, Jan Taminiau. Since recently an official designer of Máxima. The gown accentuates lace detailing on the bust, along with crystal detailing that offered the look a subtle sparkle. She accompanied the dress with a matching blue cape and the Mellorio sapphire tiara given to her by her mother-in-law Beatrix.
Shania dress, Phase Eight, 105€

In spite of my non-conformity with this colour I still look in the shops for items in this shade. Why not? Maybe I could propose it to somebody else? Of a darker skin? Darker hair or brown eyes, just like Máxima precisely :-) Well, it depends on our inner taste and preference that 
sometimes is difficult to be reasoned. If you don't know though, what colour goes together with your complexion you may always ask for help to a specialist. 

Oscar de la Renta gold plated 
enamel clip earrings, around 300€
These days a service, called colour matching or colour styling, is available in nearly every place. One of such specialist that I know is Claire Devleminckx. She set up her atelier close to Brussels. She is however reasonably remote and offers her services to a broader public. 

Claire proposes in her offer the analysis of colours, styling, makeup courses and matching hair-cut introduction. All told, she does it with the great affection and endless enthusiasm. Her philosophy is to offer something very tailor-made:
Manolo Blahnik suede pointed 
toe pumps, around 500 €
"je vous propose du « sur-mesure », loin du « prêt-à-porter ». Lors de nos rencontres, nous discuterons des couleurs et coupes de vêtements qui vous vont le mieux, des atouts que vous pouvez mettre en valeur, de la meilleure manière d’exprimer ou d’affiner votre et d'exprimer votre personnalité unique" 
To recommend in other words!

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