03 July 2013


Yes, yes, yes! Finally we can enjoy the sales. I have today done a mega-short tour in the shopping center nearby. Had only 2hrs. Within this time I managed to see 3 shops only :-(. Not a lot but I count on having the possibility of doing maybe more sales shopping by the sea where I go in a few days.

So, the first thing I found is the light-blue cotton jacket by C&A. I went to try it on already some time ago, knowing that during the first days of sales there are many people in the stores and sometimes all cabins in the changing rooms are pretty busy (read not available). So, I tried it on, checked the size and waited to pick it up when sales have
begun. Luckily, nobody took it before :-)

Unfortunately I am not able to find it in the online shop of C&A. Believe me though, it is a very nice summerish item. I'm sure I'll enjoy it this season (if only the sun is there).

The other item I bought today is this fabulous beach resort casual dress of GIGUE, the Belgian brand I mentioned before. It has small dots overall and is made of a very nice fabric. I like the shape (read: easy-going, loose enough when sitting on the sand or wooden banks along the beach) and the colour, indigo (some resemblance to the blue sky or with a high degree of tolerance the blue of the North sea), shall go along too, no? :-)

To be continued...

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