05 August 2013

Holidays and... still a bit about sales.

I can't just miss the last indication about sales, even if this post shall be purely about holidays and its advantages. We can combine those two though, no?
So, having enjoyed the Belgian coast I committed again some 'sales' shopping. The summer this year made a huge surprise to all Belgians. I guess to all Europeans. After the cold and blurry spring we received an excellent summer. Tropical and hot :-) Within the two weeks spent in Koksijde this year, I had only one cloudy day.

Apart from some inconvenient (sometimes) wind we could enjoy the beach and the salty & chilling sea water almost every day! I even could do something that I thought was to challenging - jogging on the beach! Yes, I did it and must admit that it gives fantastic energy and endorphins boost. I felt like a newborn! Really... To recommend :-)
So, what was so intriguing in Koksijde during the sales period? Drinks were for sure not cheaper, nor was the food so I focused on the main shopping street, the Sea Avenue (Zeelaan). I stepped into the VIRUS shop and spotted a red cardigan by Terre Bleue, another Belgian young brand that offers casual, yet chic items. 

Then I went to see what beads collections the Watch Us boutique had in its 2013 offer. I decided to get the set with the leather bracelet and a decorative flower lock of Trollbeads. This brand I discovered earlier this year in Italy. I thought it was not available in Belgium. 
It was quite a nice surprise I must say. Plus, an excellent service in the shop. I could try out many sets of beads and bracelets of this Danish brand.

To close up this post I want to mention my first purchase by French Connection. I heard about its feminine collections and outstandingly beautiful dresses but have not so far taken a chance to get something of it. Finally, taking advantage of the very reasonable pricing during sales period I got the Ruth dress.

Cin, cin and happy holidays!

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