17 August 2013


Well, August is a typical holiday month. At least in Europe. During that month we can still enjoy the sun, good temperatures and... pretty busy beaches, lol...
My holiday is over but some reflection does good to me. As you may remember, last year unexpectedly broke off by the death of my mother. I could simply not appreciate the summer, the weather, the blue sky and nice sandy beaches, I couldn't...
This year went much better though. Time heals the pain they say... We decided to visit one of the Scandinavian capital cities - Copenhagen, the metropolis of Denmark.

As it was a short city trip all had to be compacted. I had a time though to enjoy the purity of Danish design, particular Danish cuisine and first of all the environment-friendly lifestyle.

Copenhagen was set up  by the Vikings as a fishing village already in 10th century. It became a capital of Denmark 500 years later. It is a very green city, with many parks, where typical Danish families and friends organise picnics and open air parties. This was the first remark of that place that I spotted. Many people walk along the streets till late in the night and the city seems not to fall asleep. Following Wikipedia:

Copenhagen has one of the highest number of restaurants and bars per capita in the world. The night clubs stay open until 5 or 6 in the morning, some even longer.

It is also a bike-city. So many bikes I have not seen even in Amsterdam. Amazingly, you can get on bike everywhere. Traffic on the streets is reduced so the pollution is not a problem in Copenhagen. Through many bridges young and old Danes bike ahead, many with a little trailer where there's a place for their small children. I was really astonished by that.

Denmark is famous from its special cuisine. In general, I guess, Danes eat a lot of bread. Denmark is known from its sandwiches, called smørrebrød. It is an open sandwich, made of rye-bread, prepared and decorated with many, many ingredients. I tasted the roastbeef one, with capers and tartare sauce, the herring one and one with eggs and scampis. They were all very fresh and delicious!

High cuisine developed on the basis of the typical Danish food (potatoes, bread and pork).

Copenhagen hosts many upmarket restaurants and is defined as a gourmet destination. I tried the salmon as an entry and veal as the main course in the Ofelia restaurant, placed in the Royal Danish Theater. Delicious and elaborated :-)

So, if you'd like to visit Copenhagen I can only say: do it, you'll enjoy it to the bottom and remain astonished for a long time after!

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