20 October 2013

Purple rain...

So, this is it. I decided to refresh my wardrobe by some new pieces. This time in... purple, wow!
Purple (also: plum, violet, lilac, lavender, mauve, periwinkle, purpure, modena) is not an easy colour. It goes well for the autumn people, maybe in the light version for spring. Otherwise, it is advisable to ask the colour consultant if this tint can go with your carnation.

I decided to give it a try and got this nice silk-cotton sweater of ZARA. Ok, it's a very nice item. I loved it since I saw it on the racks in the store. I had no coordinated bottom though. And, believe me, it is a very sublime colour.

Since I couldn't find anything that would suit this top I decided to... make it myself. I went then to the shop with fabrics and chose two tissues. OMG, I always get crazy whenever I visit this shop; the choice is overwhelming, no imagination can embrace it, I could buy at least a dozen of fabrics and patterns that they also sell. I'll make two beautifully distinct skirts. Why so distinct? I design them, upon my own style, my preferences, figure constraints and... my sewing skills :-)

Fabrics for skirt in the purple tone

Let's see what other brands offer:
La Redoute

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