07 November 2013

Dress your dress

"Look for the woman in the dress. If there is no woman, there is no dress."
Coco Chanel
Do you agree? I do. I mean since a few years I adore wearing dresses. I remember that when I was a teenager I loved the costumes, the so-called deux piéces: jacket accompanied by a mini skirt. Mostly a well-fitting, short jacket, single buttoned, with one or three buttons. Simple and elegant. Easy to combine with other items - t-shirt, shirt, light sweater and pumps or bootes.

Of course at that time it was far to classic and practically not feasible to wear a combo like that. Nevertheless, I kept designing and making my most desired items at home. Some pieces became the art, some were made quickly, without too much attention. The only thing that counted was to be able to wear it. I remember, once I was busy for the whole night with a flared skirt only to put it on to school next day. Crazy fashionista, lol...

The interest in fashion started very early. I designed my first blouse at the age of ten. I couldn't make it myself so asked my father to do it. I gave him instructions and followed each step, till he finally presented the item to me. So proud I was. My own design, my own model. Ever since, I do some attempts to create something different and so 'mine', with the personal touch, with the soul and this warm feeling that there's a part of me in these clothes.

Like I said before, the particular interest in dresses started a few years ago. I guess I discovered that this garment fits my figure and hides what shoud not be seen by the grand public. Funnily enough, the shift dresses I wear mostly DO cover the inconvenient ampleness and make me look like 5kgs (10lbs) less. Amazing and absolutely fantastic! Only to recommend :-)

We all should find our way to wear clothes and look the best in it. Be fashionable does not necessarily mean to wear what is currently trendy. It is about what fits us, don't you agree? Of course you do! That is why I promote the colouring consultancy, as well as the re-looking sessions. It really helps to find 'our' way to dress, it gives a personal look, something that nobody else can copy, an individual imprint...

I was experimenting for a while with the colours, shapes and trends. My figure and my preferences changed a lot in between. My age too... The last one is actually in favour with my eternal longing to the classic garments, such as suits, shift or vintage dresses, white blouse under the classic woolen black jacket accompanied by the carrot-line trousers and pumps with a long nose for instance.

Nowadays, the first thing I look for in the boutique are... dresses. Mainly shift or bodycon, midi lenght, office-to-wear, preferably linnend and easy to iron. If possible from natural fibers but a bit of elasthan or even lycra is advisable. Otherwise a long garment, such as a dress, does not wear well during long hours; especially when we stay sitted for the majority of the day.

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