12 May 2014

Blue... or not to blue ;-)

Since some time already I remain faithful to the blue colour. Blue this year though is bright, vivid, resembles the Mediterranean or the azure waters of the coast of Mozambique ... hmmm ...
So we can choose between different shades of blue, ranging from very pale, almost transparent Alice blue, light blue, through the sky blue, up to the somber Prussian blue to or ultramarine.
Since I am a Spring as to my colour type I shall rather go for all what is lighter than a typical blue, blue. For instance Alice blue that is in fact a pale tint of azure.

As an example this French Connection REIGN BLOCK fitted dress (on the left). If this looks a bit too cold as a tint so in balance one can choose a warmer shade, for instance Celeste blue, more known as cyan or turquoise (on the right).

For brunettes I would propose the steel tints, such as glaucous (from the Latin glaucus, meaning "bluish-grey or green" or the UCLA blue, dark azure color used in association with the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). A rather deep sky blue that is accompanied by a sun gold. Personally I do not see any connotation with gold but the definitions is clear on that so I don't argue :-)

Fans of more vivid and juicy shades I do not have convince to the cobalt blue or blue royal. This season I decided to experiment a bit on this and purchased the RAQUELA dress in a deep cobalt, which I wore accompanied with a white cotton jacket.

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