25 June 2014

SIMPLE mind cd.

I remain astonished when looking at the SIMPLE CP collections.
Any time I go back to Poland I have to visit one of its boutiques. I SIMPLy have to :-)

The flagship items you in find in the DRESS PARTY title. Of course, why not, plus I'm a very dedicated PARTY madame.
So, what can we find for this season in the above mentioned collection?

Here's the silk skirt with a box-pleat and two decorative zips in the front. On the website the colour is described as a navy blue but I'd say it is a cobalt blue. The most flashy colour this year.
In the same tone there's another skirt to recommend.
A mid-length lace skirt with a zip in the back.
You can combine it with a plain silk of light jersey shirt. Il looks good as well with the leather jacket. I myself wear it with a simple cardigan.

What else can we find in this collection? Apart from the DRESS PARTY, SIMPLE offers also an OFFICE collection.
OFFICE, as the title indicates, is dedicated to be worn to the office, as a workwear :-). It doesn't have to be boring though. Let's look at this magnifique dress in a very vivid red.

This fitted dress has side pockets and a decorative belt. Very good thing to cover the after-lunch swollen belly. Made of cotton and polyamide blend it is a perfect item for the summer. These fibers have a very good impact on our skin. Nothing better than this.

The other option could be the typical office outfit, composed of a cotton skirt with yips on the sides in the nude colour and a simple white shirt. This stylisation is accompanied by a nude colour patent leather pumps and a xl-size black pochette.
All this is available in the e-shop of SIMPLE CP.

Welcome and happy shopping!

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