04 November 2014

A flare to flare...

I have recently discovered this Sportmax Code Austria dress...

... and I must say that I got intrigued.

Decided thus to design two outfits featuring this versatile skater dress. You can dress it up, decorated by a scarf or jacket, or down, accompanied by fabulous pumps or boots, following the occasion.

The first one, casual day-outfit, is just as good as  ideal for the Autumn season:

Top is a military styled, ponte jacket, in black wool. Fits perfectly the bottom-open dress and, on the other hand, protects from the cold, humid wind.

Accessories: black, leather backpack (how practical and modern), black&white bandana and cashmere beanie if needed.
For colder days I propose a loop scarf with a tiny pattern or, if wished, a more fancy knit-fur loop scarf...

As to shoes I propose the timeless Chelsea boots, again in black. If you want you can also suit it with the wedge ankle boots or, for even less formal style, buckled boots.

The second outfit will have thus the same purple dress as the main character but will be accompanied by the cocktail-style details. It shall be worn at late afternoon or early evening. Perfect for after-work drinks, cocktails, exhibitions or any other fancy events.

So, in this outfit we skip the top as the dress plays the main role.

Here, make-up can be more pronounced. Dark purple lipstick and extended lashes will perfectly match the whole clothing.

What shall be the footwear? The pumps of course. Here, I matched our dress with the Louboutin deep plum patent leather platform pumps. My second choice would go for the pointed toe stilettos. Both models fit very well the dress and the whole ensemble.

Convinced now? I guess yes. To give food for thought hereby some celebrities wearing flares: Emma Watson, Victoria Beckham, Amal Clooney.

Source: http://uk.eonline.com/
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