01 April 2015

Famous Belgian brands cd.

Talking French, top

There are years when spring forgets Belgium... but not the Belgian fashion houses. Caroline BissMayerlineMarie MéroGIGUE... they have their collection available for sale already since the beginning of February.

Talking French, Lichi trousers

Rainy weather does not discourage faithful clients to get some pieces for the Spring season. There is nothing wrong with it. At the end, summer finally comes and then we can dress all those nice, light-fabric clothes in vivid, bright and wonderful colours. 

Xandres, dress
Caroline Biss, catsuit
As to the colours, did you notice that all summer collections have the tendency to propose light colour shades? Apart from the evening collections, all brands propose a few lines: sea (turquoise, blue), spring (pink, purple, light red and fuchsia), earth (beige, khaki, yellow). And on these shades I will have some more words further on.

Caroline Biss, necklace
Caroline Biss concentrated on blue-pink-beige-nude-turquoise tones. The accessories are available in pink, beige, silver and gold. My favourite item is the silver coloured necklace, 
here on the right.

By Xandres I noticed blue-pink and black for the evening. Here, you can have a look at the light blue shift dress by Xandres. This dress is so simple and yet very elegant that can be worn to many occasions, depending on accessories worn with. Xandres is best known for its perfect quality and flawless finishing.

Marie Méro, dress
Marie Méro goes for beige-turquoise-yellow tones. In general, for the Spring-Summer seasons this brand proposes light, 'powder', pastel shades. Many of Marie Méro items are to be worn at work or for after-work events, which makes this brand one of the most preferable in Brussels, the very 'bureau' area.

Enjoy the 2015 Spring and get the perfect outfit for this period of the year. It's worth it, to look and feel good.

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