16 July 2015

Floral jeans

Floral prints come (back) every now and then to fashion. It is perhaps true that not everybody can wear it, nevertheless I will write a few words on it in case my readers decide to get one of two pairs of this splendid stuff.

The 2015 summer is the season of floral jeans. Well, in fact, it is the season of many things and nearly all is now allowed. The success lies in matching our style with what our body can stand to give us a decent look. And this is not so evident it seems.

The most popular model is the skinny one (or super-skinny, with really skinny legs) and 5-pocket style, front zip and belt loops. These models need to be more stretchy, that is why jeans is supported by a 2 or 3% elastane, Lycra or spandex.
This model is available in normal or slightly cropped legs, called ankle skinny.

Another option is the slim fit, a bit looser model. In this case denim is again supported by stretchy fabrics. Otherwise the rigid cotton would be not wearable at all (too rigid and not supportive when bending down, trying to get to the back seat in the car, grabbing things from the floor, etc.)
Slims may offer high (high rise), mid or low-waist option, depending of the preferences of the client.

7 For All Mankind
I noticed the come back of the high waisted models.  Like for instance these black Victoria jeans on the right bottom. A bit vintage style that is very good for more ample figures.
Buy Phase Eight Victoria Floral Jeans, Black/Grey, 8 Online at johnlewis.com
Phase Eight
Moreover, jeans these days offer also more sublime finishing, for instance satin or coated.
I can only recommend it; myself bought recently a pair of 7 for All Mankind :-) with silk-like feel finishing being sophistically called by the FAM as the bright silver shiny hardware.
... Pleasure is on my side! 

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