13 August 2015

The Rule of Thirds. What is it about...

Don't you have sometimes the feeling that you are well dressed but something still does not go?
I do. I mean I did before I found out about the rule of thirds in clothing.

Now, following the style experts, amongst others Ms Imogen Lamport, I started applying this rule and I guess it works!!!

There are for sure many guidelines to use to help to determine what looks best on us and on others when making nice combinations (top-bottom). One of the best I would say is the Golden Ratio.

The Golden Ratio has applications in mathematics, architecture, photography, art…and also fashion. The ancient Greeks claimed that a 1/3 to 2/3 ratio is the most aesthetically pleasing division of spaces. In fashion, this is often referred to as “the rule of thirds”.

Basically it is about having the right proportions so that our figure looks decent and attractive. In other words good. The useful tip may be to first check out our figure type, both horizontal as well as vertical. Yes, yes, we have more dimensions :-)  With all this I'm sure that application of the rule of thirds will be easier and more successful.

Let's check.
The horizontal body type you probably already know. It's been very much pointed by Trinny and Susannah some time ago.
Source: www.trinnyandsusannah.com
The vertical type is perhaps not so important but yet worth checking.
It is about the proportion of the bottom half of your body compared to your top half. 

Vertical body shape, vertical proportions
Source: www.thechicfashionista.com
Please go to the dedicated websites and check your type so you can apply your clothing following your body type. It may give you some more ideas on what to buy and how to wear it. Plus, cleaning up the wardrobe from the 'not-my-body-type' clothes may have also a beneficial aspect :-)

Personally, I have not put so much attention to it so far. I just dressed how I wanted and hoped to look good. And, as one of the stylist says: the rule of thirds is just a rule, sometime you may wish to break it in order to dress differently or to get a special, desired effect. 

Now, I pay more attention to what I wear. No matter when: at work, on holidays, for special occasions, business meetings or festive events.
column of colour rule of thirds
Source: www.insideoutstyleblog.com/
So, this is it. I hope you can make use of what you just read here and this way create perfect flattering looks in the future.

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