29 January 2016

New shoes... every Monday!

Sounds impossible? Try this one!
M.GEMI, an Italian rooted shoe company releases new shoes every week!

They say: 
When you love shoes, you want new ones all
the time. Shoes to wear right now. No waiting
for a new season.
So, I checked their website and discovered... much more than that.
Let's start from the beginning though. The brand was set up only in 2015. The founder, Maria Gangemi, used the abbreviation of her family name to give the brand its name, the M.GEMI.

M.GEMI offers hand-crafted shoes for the affordable price. They refused to accept the exorbitant prices for luxury shoes offered by the elite brands on one hand but on the other side, the company wanted to preserve the genuine, traditional Italian shoe craft.

Quote from the website:

We offer our shoes on-line, direct to shoe-obsessed people like us.
M.GEMI offers flats, sneakers, pumps, sandals and self-customizes suede moccasins.
My attention, as the serious heel freak, went obviously to all 'heeled' items.
Let's start with the ACROBATA pumps.
Made of suede, with 90mm heel; leather lining and sole
Decorated at the back with the bowed tassel, giving 'playfull sex appeal' as stays on th website :-)
Hand-crafted in Italy.
Available in black, coral, navy and natural.
And now, when you scroll a bit down on the site you get to the table. On the left, there are the properties of the item (lining, padding heel length, etc.), in the middle there's information on the sizing (true size, bigger, larger, etc.). On the right, what I find absolutely fantastic and an extra hint for all fans loving high heels - the WALKABILITY part.
All-day ease

Avid heel wearers will find this lower heel a comfortable break. Flats devotees may want to wear them around the house a bit before taking them out.

I have never seen anything like this before. Amazing, absolute forerunner of all!
Finally we get to know, before we actually buy the shoes, how long we may be able to keep them on our feet.

For those who look for festive pair of superb quality footwear I present the high-heeled AMARE sandals. Styled in the forties, vintage fashion, they recall glamour and classic femininity.
Avalable in black and gold. Heel of 105mm.
A few (stunning) hours
Perfect wedding and holiday party shoes. Though you may want to swap for flats when the dancing begins.
Now, I would like to tell you about a unique opportunity offered by M.GEMI and that is the possibility to custom of your own moccasins.

Following the site: Choose a colour, select a stitch, pick a tread, and add your monogram. We’ll send your design directly to our artisans in Toscana where they will craft them by hand in the old-traditional way.

Shipping takes 6 to 8 weeks.

For the moment though, this offer is temporarily suspended as the brand reached its capacity to produce the customised models. The craftsman can make only 6 pairs of shoes per day.

If you wish to try it out, you need to check regularly the availability on the site.

This would my choice:
 Website: http://mgemi.com/home

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