30 June 2017

Small tricks to fight the heat

Climate likes to surprise us sometimes. Spring in Europe and probably also in other parts of the world was quite challenging and required finding smart solutions against sweaty look, stains in the critical places and exhaustion from the heat.

Myself, I am no longer able to cope with warm temperatures. If adding the humid air I am basically... as alive as a dried clam 😓So how can people sensitive to the high temperatures protect themselves and keep functioning in the environment that is not best for their bodies?

The most important: you need to have a bottle of water always with you. Water prevents dehydration and keeps the body in the right temperature. Up to 60% of the human adult body is water.

To make it fancier for me and more ecological I got this flashy orange flip top water bottle of Tupperware (left).

Other trick that you can use is... ice in spray. Yes, it does exist. Used mostly by athletes who get injured. It is used to alleviate early symptoms, especially pain associated with bruises, strains or sprains. I use it to cool down my over-heated body. You just spray it around the hot areas (neck, back, upper-arms) from a distance of 20-25 cm.

You can get it in the sport warehouse, for instance Decathlon.  

The third solution and this one concerns 'heavy' and tired legs. Hot weather is for some of us associated with... swollen limbs. 

Following Helen Cosgrove post on her blog, as the weather heats up, many people find that their feet, ankles and legs swell progressively as the day goes on, it can be either due to inactivity or being continually on their feet.

If you can, use a cooling balm that contains peppermint oil or essential oils and massage your legs upwards from feet to knees in a circular motion.
I use for instance this SPA Vegetal SOS-fresh legs gel by Yves Rocher (left).

If you sweat excessively to the extent that you feel embarrassed, use antiperspirants. Reapply them during the day or before an important meeting. Some experts say even to use it in the night as the active ingredient goes down into the sweat duct and clogs it, while in the morning when you already sweat and it is simply washed off.

Last but not least, our hair. When we sweat we also sweat on our scalps (head hyperhidrosis). In order to have our hair look fresh and not too greasy I propose to use the dry shampoo (left).

I use KLORANE but if you have other preferences use them. Everyone has different skin and different 'sweating' problem, no matter if it is only because of an extremely warm weather or medical condition.

Myself, I checked many products, before I found the right ones, good for me. Try out yourself and test as many elements as you can. It is not obvious to find something matching our needs.

Having said this, I hope that equipped with these products, you will no longer be afraid of warm weather and can easily protect yourself against embarrassing hot-weather secondary effects.

With warm & summer greetings!

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